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Delta Kite

Nowadays with more and more people enjoying kite flying, you can see a variety of kites in the sky. These vary on materials used and shape of the kites. A delta wing kite is very popular these days and it comes in a variety of sizes too. Characteristic of a delta kite...

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How High Can A Kite Fly?

Supposing you have a ball of string in the region of 100 feet, do you think the kite will fly up that high too?  I'm not sure if this is possible but I guess it will really depends on the angle you are flying the kite .  On windy days and non-windy days, the super...

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One or Two Lines? Which is Better?

These days the rage in kite flying is the parafoil* designed kites instead of the box or diamond design kites.  Generally the parafoil designed kites are easier to fly but depending on the variable wind speed, it can be a real challenge! The twin line ones are good as...

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How Much Wind To Fly a Kite?

So you've managed to get your kite up in the sky and shortly after it comes crashing down then you have too much wind.   You would need  to counter this by attaching a longer tail. Kite tail can be made easily from ribbons or crepe paper.  To create the tail, just...

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Want Free Kites?

Fun Kite Events & Workshops in Singapore! BIG & WONDROUS KITES June 1 & 2 Tampines Industrial Ave 3 CHILDREN'S KITE CARNIVALE June 29 & 30 West Coast Park LAYANG LAYANG FUN FLYING July 6 & 7, Marina Barrage   KITE EDUCATION SCHOOL TOUR July 9...

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