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I was chatting with my husband the other day and I asked him if he could remember how he made the glass coated kite strings in his teenage years during his kite flying days.  Yes, teenage years!  Ha Ha Ha!  I’m not sure if glass coated kite strings are sold in the shops now so if you are interested to know how to do it, here’s how:

  1. Crush unwanted bulbs and/or, florescent light tube into fine powder.  Do not use drinking glass as drinking glass is too thick to crush.
  2. Roll of string/thread – thicker would be better
  3. Place 2 poles/chairs about a metre apart and tie one end of the thread/ string to the chair/pole and go round the chair/pole until the thread/string is finished.
  4. Melt a candle and rub its wax on the string  Yes, the wax is hot but leave it to cool a bit before rubbing it on the strings.
  5. Use a  pair of thick gloves to rub the warm wax on the strings.
  6. Take the crushed glass powder and rub it on the string.
  7. Be careful while leaving the strings to dry.

The goal of using a glass coated kite string is to cut off someone else’s kite and then to recover the kite by the flier who cut the kite.  In order to cut the someone else’s kite line, a very strong kite string is needed.   The kites themselves are usually of a standard size and shape and mostly made from paper and split bamboo.

Happy kite flying!