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I’m a recycle enthusiast aka environmentalist! Whenever I recycle anything I feel an immediate sense of happiness!  It’s not so much about saving a few dollars as simple kites are inexpensive to buy and when you make it your own, it adds to the fun! Just imagine the thrill when you see your own handmade kite takes to the sky!  Happy Kite Flying!
Sketch of a homemade kite

First thing first, let’s visualize what a simple kite would need and would look like.

1 Diamond shape paper plus a tail
2 Strings
3 Two pieces sticks

I would need to source around to see if I could assemble a homemade kite using as much of the recycled things as I could get.   Just remember that the homemade kite should be sturdy and light for it to fly.

You can now take your creation to a park or the beach and impress your family and friends with your craft making skills!